Things Homeowners Must Do To Save in 2017

Last updated: June 3, 2014

It’s amazing how little details do count, specially when you own a house.

These little things sum up at the end of the month and the year, and will eventually make you save a lot of money if done right. These are savings that can be allocated to a family vacation, home repairs or furnishings, you name it.

Here they are.

1. Fix Or Change Your Shower Head

We all love taking nice long showers. High flow, high pressure shower heads will make the average 10 minute shower spend up to 5 times more water than a low pressure shower head. If you have an average sized family – you must then multiply that number by 4. That is a lot of water you could be saving!

2. Ceiling Fans

In addition to giving out a nice, cool breeze, ceiling fans will help you reduce your electric bill tremendously. One of the biggest energy spenders is your AC system. If you can feel refreshed by turning on your ceiling fans instead of your AC, you can start seeing hundred of dollars in savings a month.

3. Cover Areas That Receive A Lot Of Sun

Sun is nice. Nothing better than a lot of natural light coming in. However, too much sun can be too bright for most people, specially during the warmest months of summer. Also, guess what….too much sun will unnecessarily heat up your house, making your AC work overtime, and jacking up your energy bill. Instead, find out which ares in your house could use a little sun blocking, and install curtains, or outside awnings or tapestries. It will make your house look elegant, and will make you smile as you open up your next electric bill.

4. Change Your Air Conditioning’s Air Filters Every 6 Months

If you don’t change your air filters every six months, your HVAC system will tend to clog up, and will make it go on overdrive and consume more energy. In addition, it will start releasing unwanted smells from your vents.

5. Put Out A Clothing Line In The Patio

European countries still hang out their laundry in clothing lines, so why can’t we? Do you know how much electricity your dryer consumes? Specially during the summer, when drying clothes in the bright sun only takes about an hour or so, you should definitely consider start doing this.

6. Repair Leaks in Windows

Inspect any leaks in your windows, and easily repair them so that they are air tight. Both heating and cooling escape easily thru leaks, increasing your energy bill.

7. Insulate your attic

Most houses have an attic – and in most cases – the attic has holes, either in the roof or in the walls. Hiring an insulation company or doing it yourself is not that expensive, and will pay for itself once you start seeing those savings show up in your energy bill.